Dauren Francis



Dauren Francis is an ordained Reverend and functions as the Associate Pastor at the Greater Mount Bethel Tabernacle located in the Bronx, New York. He is a licensed Chaplin, an inspirational speaker, and mentor to many.  Dauren holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Christian Education from the Family of Christ Theological Seminary.

Dauren is the author of “Built To Last: A Successful Marriage and Relationship.”  He and his wife Joan serves as the Coordinator for the marriage ministry in their local church. They are passionate about marriage and family. With the increase of married couples attending their church, they were inspired to establish a marriage ministry, an idea that was welcomed by their Pastor. Other couples immediately felt their impact in the ministry, and ten years later their influence is even greater.

They are founder and co-founder of After We Say I Do Marriage Ministry. “After We Say I Do” is a website looking through the binoculars of the marriage experience. With the attack on marriages today, they have a burning desire to strengthen marriages; to mentor, counsel and restore the broken and failing ones through God’s word. Together Dauren and Joan have engaged many couples through one to one counseling, seminars, workshops, marriage retreats and much more. They have shared their views on Radio Stations in the City of New York as well as internet radio broadcasting out of Atlanta.

Dauren and Joan lives by the motto; “If God did the joining, He will do the keeping of the marriage.” They believe that marriage was created by and for the Glory of God.  Dauren grew up with five sisters from whose experiences he learned several lessons on relationships. He believes that marriage, as well as anything in life that is of great value, takes time, effort, sacrifice, commitment, dedication and hard work. Dauren and Joan always impress upon others that building a marriage is a daily process.  They live with their family in New York and their marriage has produced two handsome boys, Darnell and Jayden whom they love and cherish dearly.

They envision a society where the desire for God’s love, marriage, family, and relationship is still relevant and forever embraced.